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Our Students

and what they have to say!


Karen and Julia's zest for life is reflected in their passion for music as musicians and teachers

Sherry Gonzales

"Karen has become such a cherished part of my family’s musical education.  Although we have witnessed her skill supporting students pursuing a more regimented musical education, she has been more than willing to support our desired approach to the simple fun of learning to play multiple instruments for joy!

Both Karen and her daughter have such a warm, non-intimidating way with our kids that we have come to appreciate so very much!"

Cory Billett

"Since May of 2019, I have been a student under Karen learning the violin. Karen has been a wonderful instructor by being encouraging, challenging, and patient. She has gone above and beyond my expectation of an instructor through providing opportunities to play around the community. I will be writing my RCM grade 2 exam in the coming time and Karen has helped me pick out music that best fits my style of playing. Given her professionalism, kind demeanor, and expertise on the violin, I would rate her a 10/10 and would keep coming back for lessons. Thank you Julia and Karen for your great services!"

John Privett

"I have wanted to take up the piano for many years and decided that when I retired I would finally have the time.

I have  been taking lessons for about a year and have been enjoying it immensely. Karen is a gifted musician and teacher who is able to challenge me and encourage me at all the right times. If you are considering learning music as an adult, I highly recommend West Kelowna Academy of Music" 

Shirley Parsons

"My 2 young sons took Skype CNCM piano lessons with Karen for 3 years. She was awesome and worked hard to capture, engage and foster their interest (which can be challenging with beginners; especially through Skype). She was quite successful in instilling a continued interest in piano and music in general. Both of my sons continue to play piano and have started on other instruments as well. I will always be thankful to Karen Emmond for sharing her love and passion for music with my sons!" 

Lea Dodman​

"I have received lessons from Karen for 4 years! I have enjoyed it so much. Karen is an amazing person and teacher! Her lessons are structured and informational! I love the studio!"

Damon Beauchamp


"Karen Emmond is a truly gifted musician playing piano, violin, classical guitar and more. She has a broad and deep understanding of music theory and knows how to teach and inspire at the level of the student making it a positive and fun experience. I'm currently taking music/violin lessons with Karen and have been for three and half years starting at the age 62. I have seen first hand how good she is with adults and school aged children, seeing them all play at the Spring recitals. She cares about each student and wants them to succeed and is willing to help them along their path. I really appreciate the gift of music that I have received from her. I certainly highly recommend Karen and 'West Kelowna Academy of Music'."

Colleen Loewen

"I really want my children to grow up being confident and competent in music. Teacher Karen has worked with our kids from a young age, tailoring their lessons to fit where they're at and what they are interested in. They are always happy to go to lessons and will play around the house unprompted! A highlight for us was the ukulele camp (our daughter still plays all the songs months later), and a spontaneous public "mini-concert" where a group just took turns playing songs. Our son is quite timid, but jumped in and of course blew everyone away with his computer-game sounding medley on the piano. Such a cool moment!!" 

Brigitte Ballantyne


"I first met Karen in July of 2016 to try and pursue a life long dream of learning to play piano. I had already purchased a baby grand (I know, right!) and tried online courses etc with little results. The anticipation of my first session with Karen was very stressful as I had no foundation on expectations, what I should and should not know, how Karen would teach and could I actually learn! Within minutes I knew she would be a match for me! Karen is patient, understanding and super fabulous at what she does. She is very aware of all the dynamics of learning for all ages. I have and continue to take theory and piano lessons and hope to continue well into retirement.

As an added footnote – my mother, in her 70’s also takes piano lessons with Karen and I have been so fortunate to have Karen take the time to do dual lessons with us so that we have been able to play duets together – memories we will never forget. Thank you Karen for all you do and YES we would highly recommend this beautiful lady!" 

Mandy Smalldridge

"My daughter (now 20) had piano lessons and latterly Advanced Rudiments of Theory lessons with Karen from the age of 13. At that age, my daughter had many competing commitments and was also new to Canada. She was reluctant to carry on with piano but Karen inspired her afresh with her enthusiasm and the way in which she adapted lessons to spark my daughter’s interest. She encouraged her to continue learning and performing and this will now be a lifelong interest and skill for her. Without Karen’s motivational style of teaching and the many opportunities to perform that were available from the music school, I feel certain my daughter would have given up learning the piano. Thank you for encouraging and developing my daughter’s lifelong love of music. Highly recommended." 

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