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How parents can encourage "Music 4 Life!" success for their children

​First of all, congratulations on pursuing music lessons for your child(ren)! The life skills developed through the study of music are profound and long-lasting. The Royal Conservatory of Music has invested extensively in the science of learning music. 

Children seek parental approval and admiration. Use this to your child's advantage by:

1) telling them how excited you are to have a musician in the family!


2) demonstrating your support by asking questions about their lesson time and having them show you their assigned homework.

3) helping your musician develop personal discipline by setting a reasonable practice schedule (discuss with your teacher) and ensuring practice time is regular and not interrupted.


4) actively listening to and affirming their practicing.


5) ensuring their practice space is uncluttered and near main living areas. Few young musicians enjoy practicing alone, especially in a basement!


6) getting involved with music by having your musician 'teach' you something they have learned. This develops leadership and appreciation for the learning process - and it boosts their self-confidence when their 'student' is successful!


7) letting your musician 'overhear' how proud you are of their focus, practice commitment, and enjoyment of their music studies.


8) encouraging your musician to share their music by participating in scheduled music school events. Offer but please don't insist on performances for family, friends, neighbours or relatives. Your musician will demonstrate when they are ready to share their music-making!


9) consulting with the teacher, help your musician set goals such as a music assessment (exam), a Christmas or year-end concert performance, or a family ensemble.


10) prioritizing performance opportunities for your interested musician, ensuring supportive, enthusiastic family members can attend. Young musicians blossom with family affirmation!

A young musician's success depends on parent support and teacher knowledge. At West Kelowna Academy of Music, we believe parents and teachers working together ensures musical growth for our young students and helps to foster a life-long love for making music! 

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