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Policies & Guidelines


Student Absence

Lessons that are missed or canceled for any reason by the student are non-refundable; payment covers the teacher holding the time slot on their schedule for the student, regardless of whether the student attends or not. We do not provide make-up lessons in the case of student absence. Nonetheless, if a student is to be absent for any reason, kindly notify your teacher at your earliest convenience.

Withdrawal from Lessons

If a student wishes to discontinue their lessons, a written request of cancellation is required. Any attendance during a month constitutes a full month’s tuition. No withdrawals after Spring Break.

Parent Viewing

Parent's are welcome to wait in our comfortable waiting area and relax to the sound of their musicians learning music. If child(ren)'s attention span or discipline levels need support, parents may be asked to sit in on lessons to help enforce focus and practicing.

No Tolerance for Bullying

Bullying in any form will NOT be tolerated.  

Concerts and Performance Opportunities

Christmas Concerts/Ensembles, monthly in-house and community concerts, and year-end Celebration Concerts are voluntary. In accordance with the Academy's Music4Life philosophy, all performances are conducted as low-stress and encouraging sharing-events.


When it will benefit the student, an examination (assessment) through Canadian National Conservatory of Music (CNCM) or Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) may be suggested by your music teacher. As the Academy promotes a non-competitive environment, exam results are not posted.

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