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Lessons & Fees


Whether you are new to music lessons, want to shine in your school band, or need assistance in preparing for a special event or performance, consider the benefits of private lessons at the

West Kelowna Academy of Music.


2023 Lesson Fees

  • 30 minutes: $26 per lesson

  • 45 minutes: $29.00 per lesson

  • 60 minutes: $52.00 per lesson​

  • Cost of $26 per lesson is averaged to a monthly amount over the total number of lessons​

With its wide-range of sound and grand ability for expression, the highly versatile piano is considered a foundation instrument. 


Although the pleasure of applying a bow to strings with various instruments has been enjoyed for almost 1000 years, the modern violin is capable of incredible musical expression.


Portable and infinitely versatile, the acoustic guitar plays an integral role in the evolving history of music.


Adaptable, easy to hold, and fun to play for musicians and beginners alike, the ukulele has generated a new enthusiasm for this little instrument.


The honey-toned clarinet is a staple orchestral instrument with its great capacity for versatility, elasticity and range of sound & expression.


Understanding the structure of music is an engaging, important and affirming process! At the Academy, music theory is naturally incorporated into all lessons and programs. 


Fee Information

Registration Fee

  • An annual registration fee of $25.00 per student is due at the time of registration to secure your lesson day and time. This fee is required for 3 or more lessons and is non-refundable.

Due Date

  • Monthly lesson fees are due on the first of every month.

  • A $20.00 late fee will be charged on the 10th of each month if fees have not yet been paid. 

Equipment Fees

  • Music books, reeds, strings, rosin, etc., are not included in lesson fees.

  • Instruments can be rented from Kelowna music stores like Wentworth and Keystone Music 

Payment Methods

  • We accept online payments, e-transfers, post-dated cheques and cash.


Lesson Information

  • West Kelowna Academy of Music offers in-person and online music lessons

  • Lessons are based on a weekly private lesson program​

  • Program runs for 10 months from September through mid-June, with secured day/time schedule

  • All students must have their own instrument for home practice​

  • All students except for piano students must bring their instrument to lessons

  • Multiple performance opportunities are available

  • To inquire or register for lessons, please contact the Academy at or use our contact​ form

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