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Adult Music Lessons


Why Start Music as an Adult? Why Not!

Adult music students know themselves. They come freely to music wanting to succeed and invest the required time and effort. Adults are interested in the details, the structure of music. They have years of life experience that they can bring to their music studies; experience that adds to their musicality and appreciation of music. Adults appreciate learning and respect the process.

Benefits for Adult Students

  • After years of adult responsibilities, music lessons permit you to invest in yourself.

  • Learning to play a musical instrument improves the brain - just ask your doctor!

  • Studying music increases focus, personal discipline, and memory skills.

  • Playing a musical instrument is a time-proven method for alleviating stress and improving mental health. When else is the full beat of a note so important?!

  • Meeting and networking with other adults in a friendly, non-competitive, supportive environment bolsters performance confidence and opens up the realm of new dreams. 

  • It is never too late to learn to play an instrument. Studying the complexities of music is absorbing and satisfying at every skill level. What are you waiting for?

See our Lessons & Fees to choose your instrument! 

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